Assasins Creed the movie: Trailer #1

So we finally have our first look at the upcoming and anticipated live action Assassins Creed film, also it’s called ‘Assassin’s Creed the movie’, really? Anyway it stars Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender who will be playing the titular assassin/present day conduit for the past assassin (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve played the games) but if you haven’t, the premise is that a modern day person with blood relations to ancient family members uses an animus to re-live their past experiences and essentially, be an assassin in specific points in history.

So far so good, it looks to be taking inspiration from the games but taking the whole using a present day conduit in a different route as Fassbender playing a character called Callum seems to be being held hostage by Abstergo (the company that wants to go into the past for nefarious reasons), the period setting looks pretty good though and the Spanish inquisition is something we haven’t seen in an AC game yet, so it’s something different and fresh. There’s a quite muted, dull tone and look to the film which isn’t too surprising but I think it might work quite well – and of course you have the obligatory rooftop parkour and people getting stabbed by hidden blades in various places, honestly though the action does look good and there does seem to be a fair amount of it, though this is understandable as the first trailer really needs to sell the concept to people unfamiliar with the property an it needs to appease fans of the games.

The parkour is actually a pretty important aspect of the AC games and one of the reasons why people have liked them so much, so it’s nice to see the trailer paying homage to and featuring it, of course including the iconic leap of faith dive at the end of the trailer which was a nice touch.

But yeah my first impressions are that of pleasant surprise, the film looks to be shaping up well, the visuals look great, the casting seems to be on point and the action seems quite dynamic, as it has been in the games, this is one video game film I really want to be good and so far it’s looking very solid in my opinion, I’m intrigued as to what story the film will go with, will it diverge majorly from the video games main story Will it feature any characters from the games (probably not)? In all I’m excited and looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Assasins Creed the movie: Trailer #1

  1. You know, that trailer is promising, and with leads like Fassbender and Cotillard it’s got a big leg up on most video game adaptations. Assassin’s Creed is definitely looking more Mortal Kombat than Street Fighter at this point.


    • It actually is, I was expecting the film to be good but it’s nice to know that it looks to be genuinely decent, already looks faithful to the games. And yeah any VG film that doesn’t bring up memories of SF is a good thing!


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