Predator review

John McTiernan directs this sci-fi action flick as a group of headstrong commandos go on a dangerous mission to central America, finding themselves to be the targets of a rather alien force, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Peter Hall, Jesse Ventura.

A straight laced 80s action flick, Predator sets itself from the pack with some creative ideas and set pieces, while the characters, namely Dutch (Arnie) brings a fun, macho feeling to the testosterone filled action and plenty of action is here to be ha with machine guns galore, a lot of explosions and of course the Predator itself. The characters are good as far as 80s action archetypes go, one dimensional but actually pretty fun especially in the way they interact, there’s also some intensity in a few scenes as characters clash, with some great lines, especially from Arnie.

While other characters bring measured, earnest performances like Carl Weathers as Dillon, the squad leader who just wants to get the job done at peoples expenses and the wild Blain (Jesse Ventura), some of the commandos clash, namely Dillon and Dutch, adding some drama to things on top of the tension of them being a jungle and hunted by the Predator.

There is a distinct feeling of predictability to the plot itself but it’s still a engaging and fun watch as the characters go up against the Predator, which is where things get kicked up a notch. The predator brings the sci-fi element and added excitement, with the clearly mismatched commandos going up against a ferocious technologically superior warrior, with some interesting and different character design. The action scenes present are decent as well with some intense shoot outs and some gruesome scenes and Arnie is in his element here, often shirtless, improvising and trying to kill something, it works because he’s helming the film in the prime of his action film led career, he’s certainly a person you’d want to be protecting you in situation like this. If you’re into firefights, big funs and a lot of machismo then this will be a treat for you, with the plot shaping up in the vein of a war film but diverging for obvious plot specific reasons.

Seeing Arnie and the Predator play a game of cat and mouse of sorts as things go on was an interesting touch with some interesting and tense set pieces as the Predator is so much more technologically advanced than the average human and essentially a killing machine.

Predator is a straightforward, decent action flick with an interesting sci-fi angle that adds some fun and different aspects to the story, setting it apart from other action films, Arnie is great here as Dutch in an iconic role and although the film as a whole doesn’t do anything spectacular, it’s still a decent enough watch.


. Predictable plot but engaging plot

. One dimensional characters but Dutch is fun

. Predator brings a good aspect to what would be an otherwise average action film


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