Life Of Pi review

Ang Lee directs, Life Of Pi, based off the novel of the same name by Yann Martel and following the life of Pi Patel as he re-counts a tale of him being shipwrecked, adrift at sea on an inadvertent journey of discovery while he connects with a wild tiger on the boat, the film stars Surraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain, Rafe Spall.

Life Of Pi is a compelling modern fairy tale and melding of various themes coming together in an engrossing story, a story driven by some stunning visuals and CG (I’ve never seen a tiger look this good) and interesting characters, namely Pi himself played as a boyn by Surraj Sharma, who embodies the characters young mannerisms and personality and as an older man (Irrfan Khan) now more assured and mature. And for a film that’s almost exclusively centred on Pi and his journey at sea, you may think things might be a bit boring but they’re not, as great characterization makes the plot grab your interest and hold it though admittedly there are slower moments here and there between plot points but there aren’t so many that they take away from your engagement.

The places we see in the plot make for some great visuals as do the animals themselves, expertly made/animated to capture lifelike portrayals, the tiger in particular looks so good and also, Pis’ relationship with the animals and tiger especially make for important plot points. Pi goes on his own personal journey through the course of the film and it’s interesting to see a boy grow and develop, coming to have respect with nature around him, while acknowledging the state that nature exists in. The story itself is deeper than it first appears on face value with a pretty interesting central message and themes present that unfold and I’ve found that you can come to like the film more in retrospect or even view it in an entirely different way when you think about the films central message, an interesting and unique aspect to the film as a whole.

But in saying that, the film can still be enjoyed without reading too much into it and the ending presents a doubly interesting scenario which will make you re-think the whole film with a new outlook. The film works with some great storytelling to draw you into the plot and a sympathetic, engaging main character in Pi who you can empathise with, you’re very much along for the ride with Pi and his plight as he looks to survive against the odds and unwittingly goes along an adventure. Life Of Pi is a great adaptation of a great story with some strong performances, stellar visual effects and a film with meaning and depth to it beyond just being a story about a character trying to survive.


. Has some stunning visuals, great CG

. Plot goes to surprisingly interesting places

. Added depth to the story is a welcome touch


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