King Arthur: Legend of the sword comic con trailer

King Arthur Legend of the sword trailer

We have our first look at the upcoming King Arthur film from WB, directed by Guy Ritchie, a… different looking take on the legend of King Arthur as I’m sure you already know of, with Arthur (Charlie Hunam) this time seeming very much the reluctant hero and not wanting to fight at all or get involved in trouble.

We see the sword in the stone – Excalibur, get drawn by Arthur and some similar looking tropes from Arthurian legend films with knights in armour, castles etc and the like but I’m pretty sure we see giant elephants and some magic being showcased, so this looks to be a mix of fantasy elements (magic was always part of the legend to be fair) alongside the re-telling of the legend. Mixed in with guy Ritchies distinct directorial style with a very much more grounded and streetwise seeming Arthur this time around, for a film I’ve heard next to nothing about I’m intrigued though and I’m always down for a guy Ritchie film so yeah.

King Arthur is out in 2017.


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