Kong Skull island comic con trailer

Kong Skull island comic con trailer

You’ve got to love Comic con, trailers galore… and here’s another for the upcoming Kong Skull Island, out in March 2017, a sort of origin story for the famous ape in film history and a grittier looking depiction at that. We see an expedition to skull island in search of Kong which goes wrong after it seems some of the crew gets attacked (by Kong presumably) and things seem to take a turn for the worst afterwards. And going by the premise of the film, this will come to explain how Kong becomes ‘King Kong’ and how he becomes known to the Western world in the context of the films universe, leading to people trying to capture him in future films (if they don’t do it in this one).

There seems to be a bit of misleading having gone in between the expedition itself as John Goodmans character seems to know more details than Samuel L Jacksons’ character and it seems like he’s lead people there in search of Kong, whose existence and size may come as a complete surprise to them. There are also indigenous natives to the island who probably are aware of Kong but probably revere him as opposed to the foreigners who have come out of curiosity (and also with guns). We still don’t really know much about the plot and this is guess work from me but I am wondering why they came so heavily armed and if the expedition was aware of Kong, were they always going to the island intended to catch him or just to see him? Did they not know about his size?

There are many questions to be answered but Skull Island looks interesting, a film not on that many peoples radars but it could be turn out to be pretty decent, I get a 2014 Godzilla vibe from it with the grittier look and the whole not really seeing Kong in the trailer, though I hope we do see a lot more of Kong in Skull Island than we saw of Godzilla in Godzilla ’14.

Kong Skull Island is out in March 2017.


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