Doctor Strange trailer #2 – comic con

Doctor Strange comic con trailer

Comic con aka the gift that keeps on giving has given us some more Marvel news overall as you may be aware but also some publicly released trailers, one for Luke CageIron fist but also for the upcoming and anticipated Dotor Strange which is looking pretty great.

We get a continuation of the narrative thread the first trailer brought to us, showing Stevens Stranges’ origin story, with him being a renowned surgeon who loses use of his hands after a car accident and turns to mysticism to find a form of release. We see Strange being essentially coached by the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who teaches him about different realities and shows him the abilities that her order is capable of, Steven is understandably curious and confused but seems fully on board in learning more as he’s travelled to south-east Asia and essentially given up his old life.

Mads Mikkelsens’ character seems to be the leader of a certain type of movement that seems to want to disrupt order and presumably, Strange and his friend Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) will be combating them, we also see some mroe mind bending, trippy visuals with dimension and reality bending magic as well as teleportation. And importantly, Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme, cape and all, doing what Sorcerer Supremes’ do of course and looking the part. Overall I’m looking forward to Dr Strange and I’m fully onboard with Marvel going into the fantastical and magical realm with the film as it may open avenues for interesting new plot lines and characters.

There are still questions a-plenty about the plot, will Mordo and Strange turn on each other at some point as they’re enemies in the comic, what exactly is the antagonists plan (if it is Mads Mikkelsens character), does the Ancient One have any nefarious intentions or motive for Strange? Well we’ll find out the answers one way or another when the film comes out but I’m impressed Marvel – as I usually am, the film’s looks solid. Dr Strange is out on the 4th of November.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Strange trailer #2 – comic con

  1. Ha – your description of Comic Con is apt, especially with trailers and footage.

    I, like a lot of people I think, have no idea who Doctor Strange is, and I can’t say the character really grabs me (also I find his costume a bit dorky). I know I’ll end up seeing it whether I want to or not so I’m trying to keep an open mind. The cast helps. Everybody in it looks really good. Thanks for helping me catch the fever.


    • Yeah it’s great for film additcs, it’s pretty much our Christmas with all the info and trailers haha. That’s interesting though, I think the same thing happened with Ant-Man who a lot of people didn’t really get and or thought was lame but the the film did pretty well.

      Dr Strange has one over Ant Man though with the cast, Cumberbatch and some good hype already though but yeah definitely check it out, I think we’re all in for a good ride with it.


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