Aliens review

Aliens is the 2nd outing in the Aliens franchise, released seven years after Alien, directed by James Cameron, the planet that housed the Aliens has been colonized but contact with a team based on it is lost and a team of marines is sent to investigate, the film stars Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Carrie Henn, Bill Paxton.

The xenomorph returns in Aliens, an out and out action film set on the homeworld of the Alien with an expansion of the world of Alien, more aliens and the return of action hero Ripley (Sigourney Weaver),  who is brought back into the action as part of a military team sent to investigate the base. Aliens is very much a blockbuster but it has the rare reputation of being a good action blockbuster, James Cameron took the premise of Alien and ran with it, making a creative expansion on the first film, the sequel feels distinctly different and still works as an action thriller.

While still having heavy features and elements of the horror genre with the xenomorphs still being terrifying and the humans having to go up against them, though with an advantage this time around of a lot of weapons to choose from, the side characters are a bit one dimensional but work for the story as a whole as they have enough personality there for you to care about them as the story goes on. Sigourney Weaver again gives a good performance in the film and brings believable fear and intensity to the role as Ripley, a pretty awesome overall character, she’s great in action scenes and is a believable as a character who’s again a bit out of her depth but grows in confidence as the plot goes on. while Private Hudson (Bill Paxton) and Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn) are memorable, fun characters. Biehn in particular relishes in the role, making another hit 80s action film collaboration with director James Cameron.

Aliens is also important for being a modern sci-fi action staple in terms of its tropes with its characters, a team of meathead space marines going on a mission and the action that ensues as a result of that and people have seen the film as inspiration for a lot of sci-fi video games since like Halo, Gears Of War for example, which just lends to how influential the film has been.

The pacing for the plot is also pretty good, even with the film clocking in at 137 minutes, it’s engaging throughout and only gets more tense as things go on and as we see more and more xenomorphs, one alone was terrifying enough as we know but as it turns out, several xenomorphs doesn’t necessarily remove the tension or make things less scary. Aliens is a great action film with a well structured plot, a fun set of characters and the return of both Ripley and the xenomorph in a different, interesting way.


. Takes a vastly different direction from Alien and still works

. Has some well worked tense scenes

. Has some good performances


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