Top 5 best films of 2016 so far

So we’re already 8 months into 2016 (where did the time go?) and we’ve seen a bit of a mix of movies, not a tonne of great ones in my opinion if I’m being honest but a few stand outs nonetheless so I thought I’d rank my favourites so far.

  1. Captain America: Civil War – 8.5/10

No major surprise here for me with my number one choice, Marvels formula continues to work its magic and after years of hype and build up, it payed off in an excellent way with arguably the best film in the MCU, even with having to manage a tonne of characters and a packed story, giving all of the characters something to do – which often involves fighting each other, in some phenomenal action sequences no less. And though the villain is a tad un-necessary some may say, the outcome is still impactful. There’s loss, weight to the events in the film and a feel of lasting effect as well to the previous films in the MCU that allows Civil War to be the more mature yet entertaining and fun thrill ride it is, with added new characters for good measure with the great Black Panther and an awesome cameo from Spiderman, bravo Marvel, bravo.


2. Deadpool – 7.5/10

Marvels other early in the year film was for all intents and purposes a smash hit, the long, long awaited faithful adaptation of the Merc with a mouth on the big screen was and is beloved and rightfully so, simply taking a character onto the big screen and having them be as they are, with great writing and humour and Ryan Reynolds taking on the role he was seemingly born to play. Aside from the comedy, the action’s also pretty great and the acting in general is solid, a very fun and entertaining flick.


3. Zootopia – 7.5/10

Disney nails it yet again with an entertaining, engaging and creative concept for an animated film that works on a lot of levels, a surprisingly deep story that keeps you interested throughout, it has some brilliant voice acting and great plays on mixed stereotypes of animals and how they would behave as anthropomorphic animals in a functional society. It’s a great family film but it also has things for the adults to get with its well played humour and surprisingly deep subtext while also being light and cute enough for the kids.


3. 10 Cloverfield Lane  – 7/10

10 Cloverfield Lane was just a bit of a surprise, a film announced out of nowhere that no one saw coming but a pleasant surprise it was, a taut and tense thriller with a chilling premise and plot that grips you and keeps you engaged for its duration, it has some great acting and pacing to keep you enthralled and guessing. Goodman brings a strong performance and play well alongside Mary Winstead who’s awesome in the weary, survivor girl type role.


4. The Nice Guys – 7/10

(I’ve seen this, will get a review out shortly!) Shane Blacks’ signature style oozes out in The Nice Guys in a flashy and entertaining buddy cop mystery comedy that works surprisingly well, with Gosling and Crowe making a great pairing, the humour comes thick and fast and overall hits the right notes while the plot keeps you engaged, it’s one of the more creative premises for a 2016 film and it paid off.


5.  Suicide Squad – 7/10

Yes… it’s actually in my top 5 and as you know it’s one of the most divisive films of the year but by jove is it not fun, a very well cast film, it’s a genuine thrill ride and Ayers imagining of the squad feels modern and grittier and it works, with some cool cameos thrown in there as well, it could have used more Joker but for what you get, it’s an entertaining romp. Admittedly the villain is a bit weak and cliché and aspects of the film feel as scattered as Harley Quinns’ train of thought but the positives outweigh the negatives for me overall to make it a film I look back on fondly.


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