Jason Bourne review

Jason Bourne is the latest film in the Bourne franchise, directed by the returning Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon, as Bourne returns to action and is again hunted as he tries to uncover more truths about his past, the film stars Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, Julia Stiles, Riz Ahmed.

Ah Jason Bourne, the sort of long awaited update to the franchise that lands with a well…. Okay rather than a “Well that was awesome”, which is a bit of a surprise due to Damon and Greengrass returning to what was originally a pretty brilliant and very well received trilogy, this latest film simply suffers a lack of direction and well, excitement for all intents and purposes.

There’s a sense of familiarity here of course, Damon is back and good enough in his role and Bourne is on the run again as always, visiting different cities and being tracked by the CIA who actively hunt him down through random streets, buildings, train stations, etc, lots of intercut shots between CIA HQ and the agent hunting Bourne, scuffles between Bourne and the guy hunting him down, rinse and repeat. The formula was fun and exciting in the original trilogy because it was done well, the action was visceral, gritty and brutal, the plots were great and engaging but this time around, not so much and Jason Bourne actually feels quite generic and by the numbers, surprisingly.

The familiarity is there of course but it’s not exactly welcome with things just feeling a bit too same-y and alongside a plot that feels a bit too all over the place, you have a thing that the film makers would have wanted to desperately avoid – a boring and un-engaging thriller with some actors who feel like they’re sleepwalking through it – I’m looking at you Julia Stiles. And it’s a shame because the potential was absolutely there for a great film, that being said, Alicia Vikander is a decent addition and good enough in her role, although she doesn’t get to do too much. The action at least, should have been the saving grace for the film but it’s not quite up to par, with some decent sequences that do feel grimy and hard hitting, in line with the original trilogy but there’s nothing exactly spectacular apart from a car chase sequence in the final third, I still remember that bathroom fight from The Bourne Supremacy all those years ago and that say something.

Ultimately Jason Bourne is a disappointing missed trick, following up a great set of films, maybe it was unfair to try and have it compare against them but a weak, intermittent plot that slogs along with sparsely placed action simply isn’t enough to keep your interest or have you care about most of the characters, even for Bourne himself this time out.


. Plot lacks direction, a few plot threads feel unfinished

. Very by the numbers plot as a whole

. Some generic, un-enthused acting


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