Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 teaser trailer

So this kinda came out of nowhere but yeah, we have our first official look at Guardians 2, very much in a similar vein to Guardians 1 or prime (however you want to call it) with ‘Hooked on a feeling’ playing, but things seem a bit more sombre and serious this time around, as we see various members of the guardians doing their thing in a few scenes and yes, former ravager Yondu is now a Guardian and we see him with Rocket.

We also see Nebula as well as Drax and Gamora but no Baby Groot…. of course not, he’s right near the end on Rockets’ shoulder.

Anyway the tone is not all serious and the latter half shows us some of the levity and banter you can expect, with Drax telling Peter Quill some home truths, though there does look to be a fair amount of action as well from the short snippets we can see. On the whole while we really don’t see a lot from this and while it is just a teaser, it’s looking pretty good and is a upcoming film that I’ve been anticipating for a while. I have full faith James Gunn has done a good job with this anticipated sequel and it should be a blast, where it will rank in the MCU and how it will compare to Guardians 1 however, remains to be seen but I have high hopes.


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