Taken review

Liam Neeson stars in this action thriller, directed by Pierre Morrel, about a retired CIA agent who has to tap into his specific set of skills in order to save his daughter, who is kidnapped while on holiday in Paris with her parents, the film stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Leland Orser.

Taken follows a familiar feeling plot layout for an action thriller involving a kidnapping but it does something different, that different thing is Bryan Mills, a modern cowboy in a sense, Neeson is really well cast as Mills and makes for a pretty badass fighter. While the rest of the cast is also good, Bryans family unit is believable and Maggie Grace is great as Kim, really selling the emotional ordeal that she goes through which makes you sympathize with her and root for Bryan.

The film works because of its well crafted action, tense and frenetic, it’s shot in a way that plainly shows you the gritty, brutality of one on one combat so yeah the film is quite violent but never needlessly so and surprisingly Neeson makes a pretty good action star, sparring off well against the bad guys which results in some exciting set pieces.  The fights themselves are well choreographed and pretty much all pretty tense, even though you can expect Bryan to get through them and despite expectations you may have while you watched, you’ll likely still be gripped nonetheless and that’s a credit to the film as it has an interesting plot. And while the bad guys are cookie cutter henchmen and throwaway characters for the most part, even they are made to serve a purpose and made to look extra vile and bad, to make you want the Bryan to win all the more, Neeson just naturally has a sort of calming and trustworthy aura about him and this translates to the screen with him as Bryan, being a character you root for the whole way.

Neeson is very much the cult action hero these days and Taken is the film that properly launched him in that sort of role, it works a a tense action thriller and is an engaging watch despite its predictable plot, of course spawning Taken 2 and Taken 3 which developed on how people in Bryans’ family could be taken in even more elaborate ways.


. Good performances

. Very well done action scenes

. Engaging plot


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