2 years of Docthewho!

So yeah this is pretty impromptu (well I’ve been thinking about making this for a few weeks so not really) but yeah I thought I’d just commemorate me being on WordPress and doing this blogging thing for 2 years now, I started around this time in November 2014. And now it’s time for some clichés, the time really has flown by and it feels like just yesterday that I started…. But really it’s crazy to think that I started doing this just as a hobby. because I had a lot of spare time to be honest, because I love writing and because I love film and it’s just kept going, with some breaks in between and inactivity but I’m glad that I’ve generally kept on.

As it happens, there have been quite a few big films of note out in the least 2 years and some real quality ones, which have been a pleasure to review and I’e also enjoyed reviewing films from decades gone by.

Some highlights of mine on here over the past 2 years are the build up to The Force Awakens and my review, my 90s week and my sci-fi week of themed reviews from a while ago which was a fun and yeah I’m sure there are a lot of other things I’ve enjoyed but this isn’t an exhaustive list so I won’t put everything on here. Why do I keep on? My love of film of course and long may that drive me forward in writing and reviewing and well yeah, here’s to another 2, 3, 4 years and so forth and thanks to everyone that’s read, liked or commented on my posts!


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