Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 teaser trailer

(The teaser on Guardians official twitter page).

So this is the.. 2nd teaser right? Well it’s the first full teaser trailer for Guardians Vol 2 anyway and it’s looking pretty solid, with some footage shown from the first teaser but a lot of new footage, involving a lot of baby Groot, which I’m sure is 90% of the reason why people want to watch the film, as well as the Guardians in action, fighting flying space aliens.

As well as Peter Quill getting his feelings read, which reveals he has feelings for Gamora (which we all knew), much to Draxs’ delight in what is quite a funny sequence, I’m really liking the tone that we’ve seen so far, though it’s nothing really surprising, there’s a consistently comedic tone in this trailer in particular with Rocket and Groot especially and I’m guessing it will offset the more serious moments, which should make for a good balance and some nice levity. Gamora is the only original Guardian not really featured that heavily interestingly, so I’m wondering where her head will be at in the story, Marvel seems to be holding their cards close to their chest regarding her so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In terms of things to look forward in the film? An expanded Guardians team – now with Yondu, more characters from Guardians lore in the story, including Peter Quills’ father being in the mix should make things pretty interesting and seriously, I’m really curious to see how they bring him into the fold, seeing as he’s also supposed to be a planet in the story.. so yeah. And also, still knowing next to nothing about the plot makes me anticipate the film some more but yeah overall so far, so good, Guardians Vol 2 is looking like a lot of fun in the same vein of the first film and I can’t wait to see it.


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