Spiderman: Homecoming trailer #1

We finally have our first look at Spiderman Homecoming and it’s really happening, Spiderman is in the MCU (not that this is news or anything) but it’s cool to see, especially to see Tony Stark in the film, even in Iron Man garb, what struck me initially from watching is how the film really does look like a high school coming of age film that’s also a Spiderman film and that’s a credit to director Jon Watts.

As well as to a genuinely younger cast and an actual teenager actor playing Peter Parker for once, we see Holland as Spiderman being his typically fun loving and quippy self, being already fairly good at fighting – though he’s still excited by going out and putting the bad guys away. Which is fun, though he’s also initially lacking in social confidence as he longs for the schools queen bee – which isn’t necessarily Mary Jane Watson (played by Zendaya) which makes for an interesting dynamic and presumably he’ll become enamoured with MJ after he realises she’s ‘the one’, again something relatable to high school years, liking or lusting after people that weren’t quite right for you.

The coming of age feeling is quite prominent here, especially with Tony Stark giving a motivational narration of sorts to Peter, talking about how school sucks and how Peter wants to be a hero but he’s not quite ready yet, which is interesting as we’re seeing Peter with a direct father figure in his life in his first outing, which we didn’t quite get in Sam Raimis’ Spiderman or The Amazing Spiderman and it’s also important to point out that this isn’t an origin story as Peter already has his suit and powers and we probably won’t be seeing Uncle Ben dying again (thankfully).

And we also see the Spidey suit in action with its quite classic, 1960s’ cartoony look, with web wings and everything and yeah it looks very visually distinct from Spiderman suits we’ve seen in films before, we also get a look at the villain in the film, a quite techy looking Vulture played Michael Keaton but overall I’m into the tone and vibe of the film so far, it doesn’t look to be compromising the teen drama side of things for the sake of it being a comic book film. But at the same time we’ll still get action, spectacle and of course Iron Man as well, which should spice things up, I’m fairly impressed and also not surprised, this is Marvel doing Spiderman after all, Homecoming is out on the 7th of July 2017.


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