Dunkirk official trailer 1

So a little known film called Dunkirk is on the way next year and yes, it’s Christopher Nolans’ latest film, a project you may not have been aware of but something I’ve been keen to see something from as I’m a fairly big Nolan fan, anyway Nolan makes his trip into the WWII drama sphere with the film, based on real events after allied British, Canadian and French forces were evacuated from northern French shores after being surrounded by German forces.

Dunkirk is an interesting choice for Nolan and definitely a departure from his previous films with it being a war film of course, it’s something he’s not touched on as yet and also with the film being non-fiction and a period drama, there’s quite a sombre tone to the film as is to be expected and once again, this will help with that key emotional core to a Nolan film, hitting you right in the heart strings. Overall I’m interested, we do get a decent amount of films based on WWII every now and then but Dunkirk is an event I haven’t seen on the big screen before, so it should be something different. Also worth pointing out is Tom Hardy collaborating with Nolan once again, making this their 3rd film together after Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Styles from ex One Direction is also in this so yeah…

 Dunkirk is out in July 2017.


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