The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers -review

The Lord Of The Rings series continues with the 2nd entry, The Two Towers as the fellowship, now split goes about its separate ways, Sam and Frodo continue on to Mordor, following Gollum, meanwhile Isengard prepares for war and martials its forces as it prepares to face Rohan, the film stars Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Jonathan Rhys-Davies, Ian Mckellan, Andy Serkis, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean, Liv Tyler, Hugo Weaving, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, Christopher Lee, Cate Blanchett, Miranda Otto, Karl Urban.

The epic story of Middle Earth continues in The Two Towers, now in a bit of a darker tone than Fellowship with the returning main cast plus a few new additions, we now see the story go back and forth between travelling parties from the fellowship as the plot progresses, a more or less equal amount of time being given to the characters with some literally following others e.g. Aragon, Legolas and Gimli following Merry and Pippin. The great thing is that even with the story being split in three, the different parts are still all as interesting and engaging and as is the norm with a lot of sequels, we get an expansion on the world we’ve been introduced to with the introduction of Rohan,Ents,  Isengard, Saruman and Helms Deep, all key players and important parts to the film, this makes for a more compelling story as we see the far reach of Sauron and his evil magic, even affecting normal men and we really understand why the ring needs to be destroyed.

Rohan brings an interesting key aspect to the story as we get to see a big faction of men and how they react to evil, the ring and how they take action, interacting with Gandalf, Aragon, Legolas and Gimli and driving the story forward, if the Fellowship of the ring was an introduction to the story and the start of an adventure, The Two Towers is a war film first and foremost, focusing quite heavily on war and showing what it looks like in Middle Earth. I like that the films don’t shy away from showing the horror of war and loss, not being explicit on gore or blood but you still see the casualties of war, men, elves, orc alike (and so on), even in a world of fantasy and magic, death is still gruesome and prevalent and this makes for an interesting aesthetic for a fantasy film that has a fair amount of magical creatures and beings.

The series as a a whole grounds things to a degree, not overly relying on magic or special spells to save the day for the good guys but good old fashioned tactics and force of will… and a little but of good fortune as well. The Two Towers takes the story to an interesting middle point, involving the main characters in a lot more peril which makes things all the more engaging as we’re fairly empathetic towards the characters at this point as we want to see what happens to them as the story progresses and the film amazingly manages to juggle its multiple ongoing stories to a good degree, giving each of them enough screen time to stay interesting.


. Interesting expansion on the lore of Middle Earth, interesting introductions of Rohan, Isengard

. Great balancing of different ongoing stories

. Gritty depictions of war and death, even in fantasy makes for compelling viewing


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