Justice League trailer #1

So it’s here, the first official trailer for The Justice League after several years of anticipation from fans and a teaser from a few months ago, we’ve had a few short second teasers in the past couple of days and here’s our first official look, the film being set after Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad as several meta-humans are gathered to form a team to protect humanity – by Bruce Wayne and Diana aka Wonder woman, following the death of Superman.

And that’s more or less what we know about the film, it looks like they’re fighting Parademons (goons of DC enemy Darkseid) so presumably he’ll play some part in this, though Snyder looks and Warner Bros look to be making a point of not showing the main villain or Superman, though he will inevitably be in it (because of course he will, he’s Superman). Anyway we do get some new footage of the league members in action and of them taking shape as a fighting force/team, though it’s still weird for me, seeing them without the Green Arrow and Green Lantern. I do like the aesthetic of the film so far, with some people doubting Flashs’ and Cyborgs’ costumes, they do look considerably better now than in initial images, plus the action does look good, so far anyway.

A big plus for the film is the tone as well, DC clearly isn’t taking Justice League too seriously and they’re incorporating jokes and a lighter tone, which I think fits in really well with characters like The Flash and even Batman, with his wit and sardonic tone, playing off humorously with characters like The Flash and Aquaman. Honestly it’s a so far, so good situation with the League and I fully believe DC will nail it with this time around and if they don’t… well the critics clearly have it in for DC, am I right?

Well I’m hoping it will be as good as it looks and not fall into the Snyder style over substance trap because if Justice League is a critical flop, it may really tarnish the DCEU going forward, commercially it’s pretty much covered and I’d be surprised to see it not be a hit but we’ll see how it does otherwise, when it hits theatres in November.


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