Fast and Furious review

Fast & Furious is the fourth film in the franchise and sees Brian O’Connor return to duty, working for the FBI in L.A. with Dom Toretto, in order to bring down a notorious heroine dealer, the film stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Gal Gadot, John Ortiz.

More in line with the first two films in the franchise, Fast & Furious again feels like a sort of buddy cop action drama with Dom and Brian, now seeing eye to eye and working together to work towards a common goal, though their relationship is still strained, this is also definitely the most action packed out of the first half of the franchise, with more action, high stakes and a lot of tension as Dom and Brian try to infiltrate a heroine importers operation. The film feels like a crime drama in this way, in a sense and while street racing is still a thing in it, it’s definitely not prevalent or a main feature of the film, though cars still feature heavily in set pieces, as is to be expected.

The cliché aspects of the Fast franchises are still here of course and pretty prominent in this instalment, the henchmen of the bad guy being stupid and expendable, the good guys going undercover for a main mission and inevitably getting found out, the works – but that being said seeing formulaic plots in a Fast film almost make them bearable due to the writing, the films generally being entertaining and because of the great set of characters. Dom and Brians relationship and wider than that, their relationship as a crew has come to define the entire series and we see that in the film quite openly, with Brian being in relationship with Mia (Doms’ sister) much to his initial dislike, though he’s grown to accept it and with Dom being with Letty and ultimately we see relationships start to take more of a prominent role in the series plots.

And with intricate links between characters, it works to ratchet up the tension in action sequences and set pieces, with a notable one involving Letty, as the series starts to deal a bit more with themes like loss to impact characters long term. Said scenes are ok but really aren’t that memorable aside from the last one in the final third, though I can remember more moments from Fast 1, 2 and and you’ll find that Fast and Furious is generally regarded as one of the weaker films, much to no real surprise and while the film isn’t bad, it’s just not on par with the best in the series.


. Plot feels a bit cliché, unremarkable

. Fun interactions between characters we know and love


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