Fast and Furious 6 – review

Dom Toretto and La Familia are back in Fast 6 as the franchise takes its next step into a more conventional action direction, the action this time takes place in London with the team working together to take down a group of ruthless mercenaries led by Shaw (Luke Evans). The main cast from the last 2 Fast and Furious film returns and it is an ensemble action thriller for all intents and purposes, the plot takes a different route to Fast 5 but is still good, with some of Doms’ team having to take part in actual shootouts and physical fights.

And there is a lot more emphasis on action this time around as the series as a whole progresses in a good way, this new element to the Fast and Furious franchise is a mostly good touch and the action is done convincingly well, carried heavily by the out and out action star Vin Diesel and the presence of Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). Who is a great addition to the franchise, Shaw is a menacing and formidable foe for the team

Also back in the film in part was actual street racing, a nice throwback to the franchises roots and foundations and while there were elements of it used in Fast Five to service the plot, it feels a bit more natural and is cool to see again. The racing coupled with the at times tense action made for some good set pieces and raised the stakes with some of the team being in serious danger with guns, a lot of guns being used throughout the film. At points in the plot you wonder just how Dom and co are going to get past certain obstacles that just seem unbeatable like you know, a tank vs some fast cars but the crew does what they do best, they improvise. And seeing the good guys work their way around seemingly impossible situations and get through them is great viewing, the set pieces in Fast 6 are bigger in scope, some of the biggest in the franchise while also being some of the most unbelievable, including the longest runway of all time.

The film also hits with its’ emotional moments in what happens to Gisele, something I definitely didn’t see coming. And another big part of the film is Lettys’ re-introduction to the story, with the big surprise being that she’s still alive (of course) but has memory loss and has been brainwashed… okay the explanation around her apparent demise and story up to now is a tad convoluted but it was good seeing her back in the story.

The film has a satisfying enough conclusion however, providing the thrills, twists and turns we’ve come to expect in a Fast and Furious film and while it’s not the best individual story from the franchise, the action is fenetic and the set pieces crank the tension up a few notches, keeping your attention and engagement in what’s going on but that being said, on the whole the film just isn’t that memorable and doesn’t quite stand out among most recent Fast films.


. Set pieces are big, good spectacle

. Nice to see the return of actual street racing in the films

. Films’ plot isn’t quite as memorable or interesting as Fast 5, Fast 7


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