Black Panther teaser trailer reaction

So we have our first look at the upcoming Black Panther and boy does it look pretty good, not surprisingly, with the cast it has and with Ryan Coogler directing but even so,  it looks pretty impressive (as does every new Marvel film, they must have a stellar marketing/video team), we get a re-introduction to Ulysses Claw, now in custody after the events of Age of Ultron and Civil War, talking about Wakanda and its true nature.

Though he gets broken out by what are likely to be affiliates of his, we then see more of Wakanda and it seems like Panther’s a force for good in the country, taken on some mercenaries, what follows seems to be a bit of infighting and tribal politics as we see a challenger to T’Chala with Michael B Jordan who seems to be a villain, though probably not the main one as Ulysses is in the film. We see what looks like a ceremony for T’Chala, presumably as he ascends to the throne after his fathers passing. And yeah overall while we don’t see a tonne plot wise, this is a teaser of course, what’s shown is intriguing.

Showing Wakanda with its mix of high technology and tribal culture is really interesting to me and this really will feel like no other Marvel film to date, if Guardians was a bit of a left field choice for Marvel, Black Panther will be out of the field and it’s something the MCU needs in my opinion, people may well be getting tired of origin stories and the same old, so this film feeling something fresh and new is very welcome. It’s good that the teaser is out finally as I feel no one is really talking about the film, though a lot of people are probably really looking forward to it. It’s sort of been eclipsed by Thor: Ragnarok, Spiderman: Homecoming et al but I think Black Panther will hold its own, the teaser has got people hyped and talking and I can’t wait to see it.

I’m also curious to whether we’ll see Bucky in the film at any point either, following a particular post credit scene in Civil War, him making a cameo in the plot would be quite something.


9 thoughts on “Black Panther teaser trailer reaction

  1. I think this teaser tried to include a little too much (for my taste) but everything’s looking awesome!! I really liked Black Panther in Civil War so I’m excited!


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