I, Frankenstein review

I, Frankenstein is a fantasy action film directed by Stuart Beattie, chronicling the adventures of frankensteins’ monster (not actually Frankenstein) in the modern day, he’s somehow alive and going about his way, he gets caught up in an ancient war between Gargoyles and demons and is forced to choose a side. Frankensteins’ monster (Aaron Eckhart) is also great at fighting for some reason, the film stars Aaaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Bil Nighy, Jai Courtney and Socratis Otto.

And while the film has an interesting premise going, it falls short but quite a bit in its’ execution, visually the film looks great, the fight scenes are choreographed quite well and the depiction of deaths in this world was interesting, i.e. Gargoyles dying and their souls literally going up to heaven. While the film tries to go in interesting direction, giving a different twist on Frankensteins’ monster and putting him in a modern setting for a change, the film feels a tad directionless with things just happening and Frankensteins’ monster just being the middle, also the Gargoyle and Demon war is just another thing that’s happening with no real explanation or backstory to it.

The film has a somewhat interesting roster of characters but ultimately they’re one dimensional cardboard cutouts and clearly in the plot to serve as points of exposition or to be that one lackey character, or angry warlord and so on, either that or the more interesting characters were left with barely anything to do like Terra (Yvonne Strahovski). And despite the rather disappointing story, Aaron Eckhart (Adam) still puts in a good shift and is good in his role, even though action isn’t his natural forté, while Bill Nighy cuts a hammy character as Demon leader Neberius.

Ultimately the film is pretty average and ends on a rushed, predictable note and the story stands as poor execution of a fairly interesting premise on a character not that well known these days.


. Decent visuals

. Rushed, lacklustre conclusion

. Wasted characters, one dimensional


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