Let’s talk – Do any of us need Disneys’ live action re-makes?

So I’ve just thought of making a new series called let’s talk with my unfiltered opinions on things going on in the film industry because it’s fun to discuss all things film of course – and that’s probably why you’re here. Anyway I wanted to talk about Disney and their current trend of re-making their films in live action and the necessity for them.

It’s an awkward topic to discuss when it comes to necessity for a film or type of film, does any film ever need to be made? No, not really, you could argue from here to next year about it but it’s all very subjective, though when it comes to re-makes of existing films however, you’ll find people tend to be a lot more unforgiving and outright hostile depending on the film and how beloved it is.

Disney’s a different story though, we all know they’re re-making their classic animated films  in live action as they have been for a few years now – we already have Beauty and The Beast (2017), Cinderella (2015), Maleficent (2014) and The Jungle Book  (2017) and in 2019 we’re getting Aladdin and bizarrely Dumbo and The Lion King bizarrely enough.

It’s weird when it comes to Disney because I feel people almost can’t judge them without nostalgia goggles on, yes their films are iconic classics and in our hearts forever but do we need a ‘live action’ Lion King which is actually CGI and not live action? I mean no, not really,  though to be play devils advocate, this new updated version of the film may serve as a new generations Lion King as painful as that is to say, kids these days may relate more to a CGI film than a more traditionally animated one and may find it more appealing on the eye.

But again, the film isn’t even that old, only coming out in 1994. And this brings me to question Disneys motives for re-telling their own stories, sure they want a buck – not that they desperately need money as they have all the money with the MCU and Star Wars under their belt not to mention the multitude of pies the companies has their fingers in. I’m wondering who these films are for exactly, for us 90s kids that have deep nostalgia and love for them? For older adults that also have a soft spot for the films or for an entirely new generation who may not have seen the originals?

Maybe they’re targeting all of the above with the aims to get the widest audience possible and kill it at the box office, which would make complete sense mind you – especially going by how Disney operates. But I do get the feeling that people are a bit wary of this wave of live action films, look at the reaction to the Aladdin poster on Entertainment Weekly, decidedly mixed, especially with Will Smiths uhhh beard? And you just wait until Disney announces their frozen live action film, that should go down well!

That being said, there already is a live action Mulan film and it’s pretty good, not made by Disney mind you, though Disney is already working on their own live action version and I’m all for it, seeing how Mulan is objectively Disneys best animated film as we all know! (Well I think so anyway).

The funny thing is that people will react however initially but you know they’ll still flock to see the films, as people tend to do with Disney, the company is far from critic proof though and you can come at them for being lay and uninspired for re-makes and a hash of sequels being churned out by Pixar but I’ll give them something, they are smart when it comes to what matters – money and how to get it from their fans. I find the whole thing interesting and while I do look at the re-makes quite cynically and honestly I don’t care to watch most of them, I will of course be there day one for Aladdin most likely and I will check out The Lion King. 

I mean who won’t? And damnnit Disney’s got me too, well played Mr Mouse, well played.


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