The Umbrella Academy – review

Netflix seems to have again struck gold once again with a new original show adapted by Jeremy Slater and based on a Dark Horse comic book series created by Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Ba. The immediate comparisons drawn are of course to the upcoming Doom Patrol on DCs streaming service and X-Men but Umbrella Academy is far and away its … Continue reading The Umbrella Academy – review


What exactly is happening with the DC cinematic universe?

The worlds of DC (I guess that's the official name for it now) is a fractured, confusing place, with some continuity but a mixture of upcoming releases, no official actor playing Batman either as Ben Affleck has recently dropped and maybe no Superman? As Henry Cavill is maybe out but he is also definitely playing … Continue reading What exactly is happening with the DC cinematic universe?

Ranking the Star Wars franchise – updated

The Star Wars franchise is a wonderful, wonderful thing as you know and it has its legendary, masterpiece esque heights and bottom of the barrel lows but on the whole it's a solid set of films with an expansive, imaginative and fascinating universe. A universe that has entertained millions of people for decades now, we'll soon be … Continue reading Ranking the Star Wars franchise – updated