‘Fast 8’ film news

The up and coming ‘Furious 8‘ (that will probaby be the title I suppose) is in the works and set for an April 2017 release, now with a confirmed director in F Gary Gray – who just directed the recent hit Straight Outta Compton, Diesel apparently wanted James Wan at the helm but he couldn’t due to scheduling issues as he’s busy working on The Conjuring 2, right now also Fast 8 will be set in New York according to Vin Diesel.

Keeping with the trend for a new major city to be the location for each new fast film and with an urban, densely populated city like New York, we could be in for a fair amount of gritty street racing. You also have to wonder how the new film can possibly raise the stakes and top an action sequence with a tank.. driving cars out of a plane or a skyscraper but I’m sure Diesel and Co will come up with something.

Anyway we know we’re in for new setting with some new cars I’m sure and most of Torettos family/the main cast returning in the first of three Fast films on the way that should wrap up the entire franchise and yes, these are set to be the last 3 films, sad news for Fast fans out there but we should be in for 3 more thrilling rides, at least before someone comes up with an idea for prequels and spin offs for characters in the films because Hollywood.

But for the time being we can speculate on the plots and wacky ideas to come.


Prometheus 2 is up next for Ridley Scott

The news earlier in the week and you may have heard it already but rejoice Prometheus fans out there, all five of you… but who am I kidding, I liked the film. Anyway Ridley Scott is reportedly prioritizing the sequel to Prometheus and getting that done as his next project, which is scheduled to start filming at the start of 2016 with a possible release sometime in 2017.

This means that Neil Blomkamps’ upcoming Alien movie will remain upcoming for a little while longer though, as Ridley Scott prefers to get the new Prometheus out beforehand as it seems he doesn’t want a new Alien film to take too much attention away from the Prometheus films and because Sigourney Weaver needs to be more available to shoot the new Alien film. All in all it’s good news for Alien fans though as new films are well on the way and we won’t have to wait that much longer.

I personally am intrigued by the ideas put forward by Prometheus and I’m curious to see where Scott will take his created prequel but not really a prequel story next and of course there are a load of questions still unanswered, where do the tall bald aliens come from and why do they hate humans? What exactly is the black goo? Does any of this really have anything to do with Alien? Whether any of these questions will get answered is uncertain but I think one thing is certain, we’ll probably just have more questions by the time the film comes out.

But you know, I think there’s still room for some interesting storytelling and themes to come and I have faith Ridley Scott will make another captivating film in the universe he’s made.

Jurassic World sequel set for 2018

In what may just be the least surprising film news of the week, Jurassic World will be getting a sequel and Universal pictures would be pretty silly to not be doing this, capitalizing on the huge success of the film, which is now the third highest grossing movie of all time and the most successful film in the Jurassic franchise. Colin Trevorrow will help pen the screenplay although he won’t be directing it.

My immediate thought goes to the sequel potentially not being able to live up to the standard of Jurassic World, let alone Jurassic Park, it’s funny how we judge movies aint it. Another thought I had on hearing this news is of Universal franchising the hell out of the new Jurassic continuity that it has created, will we see spin offs, a solo movie for the T-Rex with no actual human characters in it? Well hopefully not, but money does talk and it often says stupid things to movie studios, apparently.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise their roles and by the time of its release Pratt will be a household name and a big blockbuster draw for audiences I think, so it should be interesting to see how his career will progress in the coming years.

Anyway the film is on the way and we’ll have to wait and see what’s next in store for the Jurassic franchise.

Some predictions for Game Of Thrones season 6

Game Of Thrones season 6 is a long way away and we won’t be getting any confirmation of theories anytime soon, though we may get some new casting news in the Comic Con panel later on today, for the most part we’ll have to theorize and speculate for the next 9 months.  But I guess it’s not all bad ass there already is a tonne of discussion for the show in the build up to season 6 and if there’s something GOT fans like to do that – that is make up fun theories. And also the show has now caught up to the books and will presumably take a major divergence, so just about anything is possible.

Jon Snow wargs into… Hodor

Yup Jon Snow is dead, definitely dead but Kit Harrington probably come back as a new character entirely… or just warg into someone else? Check this out guys, he can Warg somehow so why not just go into someone else? I know to Warg you have to be somewhat close to your new body but let’s run with it, Bran and Hodor are back next season so Jon Snow will manage to warg into Hodor and re-unite with Bran in the process.

Possibility – Sure why not.

Gendry makes his return

Gendry’s an awesome character, he’s not a sadist like Ramsay so by default he’s a decent character, he’s out to do the right thing for the most part and has a noble and seemingly important role in the story, though we haven’t seen him for 2, 3 seasons now? I think he’ll make his way back to the story and just show up – in the North, wondering what the hell’s been going on after he encounters and gets away from a Wight, he then arrives at Castle Black at an important moment, as Melisandre is up to something.

Possibility – 50%

Tyrion gets power hungry

So you have Meereen, massive city with some heritage, history and potential for a lot of development, if you can get the civil war under control and deal with the sons of the Harpy, of course but say Tyrion manages it, Dany is MIA for the time being and Tyrion essentially has this massive city under his control, he could get drunk with power. Dany is a great iconic leader but can’t seem to handle politics and internal conflict that well, something Tyrion and Varys have, dealing with the unending drama in Kings landing, plus with Tyrion being so oppressed and accused over the years, how would he react if he has power for once?

Possibility – 60%.

Podrick turns out to be the chosen one

The guy that Melisandre is out looking for who she thought was Stannis all along is actually Podrick, I mean why not, he can use a sword, he’s got charisma and no one hates him, so he already has more a chance than Stannis ever had. Not that Podrick has to necessarily be King of Westeros or take over anywhere with an army, he can just be that guytotally inoffensive and someone people can rely on for the most part.

Possibility – 100%

I’m having a bit of fun with my predictions but yeah, the wait for season 6 is going to be long and gruelling, so we might as well bring out the tin foil hat theories for the hell of it. We won’t be getting any new information anytime soon.

SDCC 2015: Green Lantern movie on the way

So, DC fans everywhere have had a pretty awesome weekend with comic con and so much DC related material, some other cool news that came out this weekend is that we’ll be getting a new Green Lantern movie called Green Lantern Corps, a re-boot I guess but I’d like to think it’s just a new adaptation of the comics, which may focus more on what it means to be a lantern rather than be as focused on Hal Jordans’ origin story.

That’s all speculation on my part though, but I think that direction for the film would be an interesting touch, Chris Pine is rumoured to be playing the role of Hal Jordan, not yet confirmed of course but he will be in a new DC film, we should get some a slow stream of information about the film as time goes on and presumably as Batman V Superman DOJ edges ever nearer.