One year of Docthewho (already?)

So yeah wow, time has flown by and I’ve been doing this for just over a year now and I kinda missed my official day for my year anniversary (November 16th) but hey, better late than never. I started off doing this just as a hobby to talk about something I’m passionate about – film (and TV) and it’s just kept going and I’ve come to realize how fun it can be to not just casually talk about but review films and get my opinion out to you fellow film lovers out there.

I’m glad I’ve been able to entertain, interest, bore (hopefully not!) anyone that’s been following me and thank you to everyone that has liked, commented or simply read my posts and long may it continue and trust me it will as I have way, way too many reviews to still put out and countless opinions on things I want to get out there. Also my themed weeks (90s week, horror week) were quite a lot of fun and you guys seemed to really enjoy them so I plan to do definitely do more in the future, 80s week is a sure thing.

So here’s to another year and some great content to come, stay frosty guys.


Brace yourselves.. winter hiatus is here

Dun dun dun, yes that dreaded time of year is upon us again, your favourite TV shows are going on a (I was going to put 3-4 weeks here but it’s much longer) several week long break, as they need to, of course, because actors are human and have their own needs too but yeah it sucks, so everyone let’s just binge on Netflix for the next month or two as we wait…

Though the good thing about this time of year, aside Christmas if you’re a big fan of it (can’t say I am), is that we still get a continual stream of entertainment, a few soap operas do keep running through the christmas break, films don’t stop coming out… ever, which is good of course. And you do tend to get the Oscar bait but generally better made films coming out from October/November until January (the dead zone for films). And of course some video games are always coming out as well so winter hiatuses – I prefer to say hiatii as plural, but anyway,  breaks are needed in entertainment of course, though we’d like to think otherwise.

But in the meantime, what will you be tuning into this winter holiday? Re-runs of the shows you’re watching? Anime? Will you just be watching whatever movies come out? Personally I’ll be watching copious amounts of anime, I might re-watch a season or two of Game Of Thrones and re-watch some of my favourite movies – LOTR, Inception and The Matrix to name a few. I did just see The Hobbit Battle of the five armies recently actually and I will be posting the review for it fairly soon.

Yes the winter hiatus for major TV shows is a drag but you know, internet and other things, we can all keep ourselves entertained, besides January isn’t too far away.

2014, year of the geek

It’s been an interesting year, fantastic for your average comic book fan with the long awaited network premieres of The Flash, Constantine and the now divisive Gotham, as well as huge cinematic releases like the widely praised and well received Guardians Of The Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not forgetting X-Men Days Of Future Past and The Amazing Spiderman 2 (that did come out this year right? I’ve seen it like 3 times already).

Amyway this year has just more re-inforced one thing if anything, that geek culture is practically now popular culture, also including the ongoing popularity of comic book adaptations on TV in recent years with shows like Arrow and Agents Of Shield. Not to mention the multiple netflix series coming in 2015 (Daredevil, Luke Cage), not forgetting the slew of DC and Marvel movies that are on the way in the next 5-6 years.

Maybe this post title is a bit of a misnomer, with the 2010s’ widely being the decade of the geek, but 2014 has been a good year in particular for comic book fans, but something interesting to think about, what is the lasting appeal of comic adaptations on TV and in film? Why isn’t everyone bored of comic book films yet? Why doesn’t D.C. just re-name Batman Vs Superman, Justice League? So many questions, it would be interesting to look into all of them and I aim to, but not just in post.

I like how traditionally geeky things like Doctor Who, comic books and liking sci-fi and fantasy are somewhat cool these days, you’d almost be considered un-cool for not liking or ever watching a megahit like Game Of Thrones for example. Or for not at least saying 1 or 2 of the pretty much annual comic book movies, it’s interesting to note how these things formerly viewed as being geeky are now part of normal conversation about TV and film.

Talking about the new villain on Arrow or how cool it is that Marvel announced Captain America: Civil War amongst a number of other exciting films is kinda normal now and in fact, it’s a shame that geek culture was traditionally sidelined and always seen as alternative. When it has always had the same appeal and in my opinion, coolness about it, albeit with much more mainstream appeal now, bigger budgets and huge studios pushing sci-fi and fantasy shows and films out there.

Is it a good thing thing that geek culture and pop culture are somewhat merged in an odd, mutually beneficial way, or is it a bad thing? I’m a bit mixed on the answer, it’s a thing for sure, but you know, if more people are getting into great sci-fi, fantasy or any other traditionally geeky genres books, comics and or films because of the now mainstream identity of geek culture, then that’s awesome and I applaud it.

Oh and 2015-16,-17 and so on will also be the years of the geek and long may it continue, I suppose.

Intro to Docthewho

Hello and welcome to Docthewho, if you’re wondering what this blog is about, well a bit of everything, things that interest me specifically and things that you probably care about, from films, to TV, to music and more broadly, ‘pop culture’ in general.

If you’re here because you’re a Dr Who fan looking for a new dedicated Doctor Who blog, you’ll probably be a bit disappointed, well I am a big Dr Who fan actually but no, this isn’t a Who blog. Anyway I’ll try to keep posting regularly, about things I’ve liked from 2014 entertainment wise and things I’m looking forward to as well, I game quite frequently too, so I may post reviews or game previews every now and then.