Top 5 film Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy is a great genre, in which the imagination can run wild and you can see wonderful, fantastical powers, creatures and things that take place in very creatively designed and iconic worlds that often tend to stay in your memory for one reason or another, here are some of my favourite picks in no particular order.

Middle Earth Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy

Middle Earth is a vividly imagined and awesome designed fantasy world with various races creatures, monsters and magic galore, the quintessential fantasy world and it’s also of course the setting to a great story, Middle Earths scope is vast, so much so that it’s not entirely covered through the films and in general it’s just a really interesting creation from the mind of Tolkien. With the various locales making for some spectacular backdrops as well as being pivotal places for points and a lot of action in the story.Interestingly Middle Earth also looks an awful lot like New Zealand, I wonder why…

Narnia – The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy

The world of Narnia is a vivid, bright and colourful place full of a vast array of creatures, people and various other beings, full of magic, talking animals and the like, it’s very much a childrens fantasy world but a well imagined one nonetheless with a neat pairing of humans and talking animals (of course) in what I feel is a rather unique way. Also the various creatures featured are pretty distinct and make for a colourful cast of characters for the books and films.

Oz – The Wizard of Oz, Oz The Great And Powerful

A land full of weird and wonderful creatures, people, tin men and scarecrows, Oz is vibrant and colourful and really feels like a rather joyful place, despite the wicked witches and evil flying monkeys, almost everything and everyone there just seems really, really happy so it must be great, plus the place has some stellar brick road layers.

Wonderland – Alice In Wonderland

Wonderland, a creatively designed fantasy world from the mind of Lewis Caroll, full of trippy characters and a rather bizarre political system with people that are also cards… it’s weird but also just really different, it’s totally something you might conjure up in your mind if you were on something but nevertheless, Wonderland is a fantastical world that feels distinct to other worlds even on this list with its wacky characters, design and vibe.

The Wizarding world – Harry Potter series

Of course things would be amiss on a list like this without Harry Potter, a world in which magical powers that can do just about anything, good or evil sounds pretty awesome to me, though things may get a bit complicated when you run into death eaters or dark lords. The world of Harry Potter is a brilliantly crafted world with interesting and complex lore from its history, to rules on magic to its colorful array of creatures and characters that populate it, all in all it seems li a pretty fun place to be in and or go to, if you’re not a muggle anyway.

Honourable mentions:

  • The Labyrinth (Labyrinth), Underground Realm (Pans Labyrinth), Jumanji (Jumanji), Fantasia (The Neverending Story), The land of Ever After (Shrek), Neverland (Peter Pan), World of Spirited Away (Spirited Away).

Top 5 MCU villains

Marvel gets a bad wrap with its villains being rather weak and predictable but to be fair some of them are quite distinct characters and a few of them are classic comic book villains, who just haven’t gotten the best material on film but that being said, here are my top 5 of villains in the MCU.


1. Loki

Undoubtedly the best villain in the MCU to date, Loki is complex, borderline likeable and actually charismatic as well, there’s more to him than just destroying the world and importantly that makes him interesting, though as a villain he’s also more than capable, cunning and can play people against each other – something any villain should consider when going against multiple Marvel heroes. Played fantastically by Tom Hiddlestone, we really need to see more of him and will in Thor Ragnarok thankfully.


2. Ultron

Ulltron is a great Marvel character and disappointingly didn’t get the best treatment in Age of Ultron, reduced to a wise cracking villain who doesn’t stick around for long enough I feel, he’s super intelligent, can re-build, upgrade and multiply himself and can inhabit any computer anywhere so yeah he’s a pretty formidable foe. Though you might not think that watching the film, that being said, base on what he can do, despite his film role somewhat hampering him to bouts of comic relief, he is one of Marvels better villains and devised a fairly smart world ending plan, as evil villains do.


3. Red Skull

Red Skull has kinda been left to the side and not seen since Captain America: The First Avenger but he is a great, classic villain and arch-nemesis to Captain America with his narrow minded ideals and single minded approach to essentially rule the world. He’s interesting just because he’s so uncomprisingly bad and also because of his appearance I suppose, giving the US forces and Captain America a run for their money in the first Captain America film, making Cap take drastic action to foil his plan. Red Skull’s an active villain in the modern day in the comics and in several Marvel TV shows but we’re yet to see him in another film and hopefully we will sometime soon.


4. Ronan The Accuser 

Ronan is a single minded Kree with aims of dominating others with his powers and though he’s rather unremarkable in his personality and motivations, he’s formidable with the power gem and his aims to usurp Thanos, while misguided were an interesting take on things. The Kree are an interesting and important race in the wider Marvel universe and seeing Ronan was cool, though he definitely could have been given a more dynamic personality to rival the Guardians in Guardians of The Galaxy, though rivalling someone like Peter Quill in personality is something pretty nigh on impossible.


5. Yellowjacket 

Darren Cross is… kinda evil, portrayed well by Corey Stoll in Ant Man, he’s sort of the anti-Ant Man, using his powers and shrinking tech for bad, though he’s a bit of a one note villain, you can almost understand why he does what he does. One of the more grounded Marvel villains as he’s just a normal person with access to technology that makes him more formidable, Yellowjacket isn’t exactly the most menacing guy but I have to say I do like the colour scheme on that suit.

Top 5 film spaceships

What’s a good space faring hero or team without a good ship, there have been several iconic ships in various films over the years, some which have come to be icons of their respective stories and here are my top 5 and it was actually pretty hard to put together just 5.

The X-Wing (Star Wars original trilogy, Star Wars The Force Awakens)

With an iconic and great look with its four wings as well as being a capable fighter, the choice vehicle of look Skywalker and for good reason, it’s wonderful imagination from the mind of George Lucas and brings a some soul and style to the rebel feet.

Millenium Falcon (Star Wars original trilogy, Star Wars The Force Awakens)

Probably a lot of Star Wars fans favourite ship from the series, the Falcon is iconic with its unique look and capabilities, faster than any fighter or smuggler ship and carrying the weight of the iconic brand along with it, it’s become a staple of the series and hearkens back to memories of the original trilogy and Han Solo along with it. With its shape it doesn’t quite look like any other space ship and that’s a great thing about it.

The Nostromo (Alien)

The memorable location for Alien, the colossal freighter the Nostromo is an important sci-fi staple with its retro-futuristic elaborate internal design which is claustrophobic and cramped, helping to serve the films plot, Alien couldn’t have been as great as it was without the ship though and it played a big role in events. And with some nuanced design, the Nostromos look itself stands out and re-imagines what you think a space ship could possibly look like with its odd shape and structure.

The Serenity (Serenity)

With great design, a literal home to its crew and a base of operations of sorts for them, The Serenity has seen many adventures and keeps on trucking, never quite out of the action as it’s very durable and a fast flyer, it also has some great interior design as well.

Starship Enterprise (Star Trek series)

One of the most iconic ships in sci-fi without a doubt with its stand out look and the ship being so central to so many story lines and the crew of the enterprise itself, they need the ship and it needs them in a beautiful, cosmic symbiosis.

Notable mentions

  • The Discovery One (2001: A Space Odyssey), Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer (Star Wars), Galactica (Battlestar Galactica), The Prometheus (Prometheus), Borg Cube (Star Trek), Mothership (Close Encounters of The Third Kind).

My top 5 film directors

Directors are an essential aspect of film that I don’t think I’ve talked enough about on Docthewho, so I wanted to make a list of my favourite directors and the reasons why they’re my favourites.

Ridley Scott

One of the godfathers of sci-fi and a prolific director in the genre, pretty much always giving us a great story when he forays into it, his direction is solid and he crafts well told and interesting films that show his ambition and creativity. I also love watching his films because he’s so adept at crafting stunning visuals, while not completely focusing on style over substance as he’s a good storyteller, he also has great range as a director and has made good films in a few different genres, showing his ambition to branch out. Alien and Blade Runner are of course what he’s best known for but I think he’s still making great films.

Christoper Nolan

Christoper Nolan, a director with such love of film and grand stories that he took on Batman, re-invented the character and gave us one of the best comic book films of all time and a great comic book trilogy. Nolan is a fantastic director because of the time, attention to detail and level of effort he puts into his films which are all very well made, he’s great at making engaging and engrossing emotional stories that showcase his ambition and creativity, stories that often hit that emotional high point, Inception especially.

He’s a great story teller and his films often become events themselves because he’s become so popular for his work which everyone expects to be of such high quality.

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams is a brilliant director, only directing films for the past 9 years since Mission Impossible 3, he seems to be a natural with epic action films and right at home in sci-fi, JJ is a strong visual director and his distinct style of cinematography always stand out. Abrams makes entertaining films that everyone can watch and manages to tell well contained and straightforward stories with interesting narratives and characters.

David Fincher

Fincher devotes a lot of time and dedication to his projects which are often elaborate dramatic character driven stories and while he tends to focus on crime dramas, he has shown variety in his film subjects, Fincher is excellent at directing actors and bringing a level of intensity and grit out of them, making for engaging and gripping storytelling. And he also brings an effective style of filming to his stories, setting appropriate tone and atmosphere, his films often have a distinct dramatic feel to them as we watch stories that play out in ways that feel ‘real’ despite the material he may adapt the film from, great director.

Steven Spielberg

Spielberg, well where to be begin, he’s a legendary director and his filmography alone speaks volumes of his ambition, creativity and sheer range in what he’s directed, from action to adventure, thriller to drama, his films are hits whether they’re big blockbusters like Raiders or Jurassic Park or emotional dramas like Schindlers List. The man can direct some great, fun stories that everyone can watch and has the ambition to adapt just about anything and make it work, just looking at his filmography, you can see that he’s been a major force in cinema for the last 30+ years.

In making this list I realized how many other great directors there are out there that I annoying couldn’t fit into my top 5 but whose work I hugely enjoy – Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick, Matthew Vaughn, Zack Snyder, Danny Boyle, Guillermo Del Toro.